The Ginkgo Prize Ecopoetry Anthology 2019: The Symbiosis of Artistic Literature and Science by Utilising Personification.

‘By attributing personal nature and human characteristics onto the bear, Riley and the other Ginkgo poets engage with individuals ‘at a deeper and potentially more affective level’ than science…’

The Iliad’s Ideological Confliction

‘Helen has been labelled by patriarchal stereotyping as a woman who is good: angelic, gentle and submissive (Tyson 2015: 85). However, in the true eyes of patriarchy, Helen is not good. She is one of the stereotypical bad women…’

Scottish Crime Fiction: Intertextual Gothic Dualisms in Margaret Kirk’s Shadow Man

‘Kirk’s quote is an intertextual allusion to William McIlvanney’s crime novel, Laidlaw…’


On Sunday,before Mum’s cancer was confirmedwinter yawned a warm shiverand wee white buds—still with a boreal bite—popped from dark-bark spindles,      yet to leaf,phosphorescent against blue-black hueslike earth stars discarded from the sky. I nipped outside and snipped thebaby branches from the main trunk,rehoming them indoors, redressingthe air with decaying base notes,topped with aContinue reading “Blackthorn”