Poetics Devices: How the Kenning Works

Kenning I have been working on my poem Blackthorn on and off from March 2019 . During this time, the poem has gone through many changes. The current poem is version twenty-one. In this post, my focus is on the use of the poetic device kenning, which I have utilised on the second line ofContinue reading “Poetics Devices: How the Kenning Works”

Poetic Devices: Omission and Inclusion in Haiku

Subtext In his book of translated Haiku, The Moon in the Pines, Richard Clements says, upon reading a Haiku, the reader is ‘startled into a momentary but full understanding of the poet’s experience’ in that moment of reading. However, the words don’t quite capture the fullness of the moment. Through the inscription of a ‘partialContinue reading “Poetic Devices: Omission and Inclusion in Haiku”