The Ginkgo Prize Ecopoetry Anthology 2019: The Symbiosis of Artistic Literature and Science by Utilising Personification.

‘By attributing personal nature and human characteristics onto the bear, Riley and the other Ginkgo poets engage with individuals ‘at a deeper and potentially more affective level’ than science…’

In the Iliad’s expression of epic characteristics, does the text undermine or reinforce patriarchal ideologies in the oppression of female characters?

‘Helen has been labelled by patriarchal stereotyping as a woman who is good: angelic, gentle and submissive (Tyson 2015: 85). However, in the true eyes of patriarchy, Helen is not good. She is one of the stereotypical bad women…’

Scottish Crime Fiction: Intertextual Gothic Dualisms in Margaret Kirk’s Shadow Man

‘Kirk’s quote is an intertextual allusion to William McIlvanney’s crime novel, Laidlaw…’